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ABU Certifying (Part 2) Examination Recording Disclosure and Attestation

I authorize the American Board of Urology (ABU) to record the video and audio of my performance during the ABU oral examinations for educational, quality, and scoring purposes. Such recordings will be used for ABU internal purposes only and will be retained in accordance with ABU retention policies. I acknowledge and agree that I have no rights to or ownership interest in the video or audio of my performance. I understand and acknowledge that any use by me of a mobile or recording device during an ABU examination may result in my examination being invalidated and the loss of my registration fee. Furthermore, if I attempt to record, transmit, or transcribe any portion of the examination, my examination will be invalidated, and I will forfeit my registration fee. In addition, the ABU reserves the right to prosecute those responsible under all applicable state and federal laws, including but not limited to copyright laws.


I understand and acknowledge that I may not seek assistance from other people or reference materials during the exam, and I understand and acknowledge that failure to comply may result in invalidation of my examination, forfeiture of my registration fee, and permanent ineligibility for ABU certification.